Electrician Finds LED Bulb Fire Hazard

Electrician finds LED bulb fire hazard in his own home.

My name is Brice, I’m an electrician and I want to tell you about the LED bulb fire hazard I found in my own home.

Lighting sciences group issues recall for 554,000 LED bulbs due to fire hazard

About 3 weeks ago I was making a return at a Home Depot here in Baltimore. I spotted a URGENT! poster in a poorly lit corner of the returns area. Apparently an important safety recall was issued in March of 2013 about specific LED bulbs manufactured from October of 2010 to March of 2011 by Lighting Science Group and posed a possible fire risk to persons and property due to overheating during use.

I happened to have purchased  a Ecosmart A19  (a brand of Home Depot; manufactured by LSG and is pictured below)

I purchased the bulb around April of 2011 to replace a bulb above my range. The bulbs performance was sub-par and put out a lot of heat so I just moved it to my furnace room.

After I spotted the recall notice I went home, unscrewed the light bulb and checked my date code.

How you can tell if your LED Bulb is a fire hazard

For more information you can use the cpsc’s website which goes into more depth.

-Brice Henninger