Electricians Reviews May Be Faked

Can you trust that electricians online review? The plumbers review? Baby sitters? Dog walker’s?

Article Sheds Light On Fake Reviews

How easy is it to write fake reviews online?  Well a company  may hire a “reputation enhancement firm” to do the job for them, or just do it themselves. All one needs is access to different computers at different address and they can easily write 5-15 fake reviews for themselves. Or they can pay someone a couple bucks for each review they write for them.

Electricians Faked Reviews Could Hurt

Fake review about how great a florists flowers are could mean you get a poor quality bouquet.  Fake review about a electrician or other contractor could mean someone  gets a poor quality job or worse; possibly injured.

Spotting a fake review

  • Check the profile of the person doing the review-See if you can click on the reviewers name.  You can see there history sometimes. If they’ve written multiple reviews quickly or if you notice they’ve written reviews about places all over the country it may be a fake review
  • Look for a name-Did the reviewer leave their name? If they did ask the company you call if they can provide proof that they did work for that customer and ask to contact the customer about their experience.
  • No Name- If the review is positive or negative but has something like “user”, “unknown”,  or a handle like “concerned customer” Be Suspicious!  Think of this like watching a testimonial on tv but with the person using a voice changer and in the dark.
  • Company Response-Does the company actively respond to positive and negative reviews?
  • Frequency- How fast did reviews pop up? Look at all the reviews. If there was a bad review written then all of a sudden there are 10 positive reviews: Be Suspicious!
  • Mix Of Reviews-Positive vs. Negative. If the company has all 5 star positive reviews or all 1 star negative reviews you may be looking at fake reviews.  Look at length of the reviews.
  • Check Them Out-If they require licensing check with the local licensing board to see if there are any complaints.

Don’t just go off the online reviews. Call the company. Talk to them. Ask them about the bad reviews. Ask them even more questions about the positive ones.

Electrician finds The New York Times article you should read:

Check out what New York’s Attorney General had to say about online reviews